REPOST: Formula one or steam roller days for M&A?

Will private equity and companies with large cash return to the days of racing to the finish line for good deals? Or will the big cash player moving like a slow steam roller flattening all other weaker players on the field to control deals with cash? Will it be a  bull or bear M&A market for the first of the year?

STEAMROLLER Lady Cellphone

If Business Week is interviewing semi-bullish lawyers about M&A, it should be great year for M&A in 2009. Read more:

Winning in Europe

JD MORRIS VIEW: If you are a company with strong EBITDA, I know of lots of  private equity firms and other companies that need to invest their cash. If you want an even higher valuation, I would explore European players (Formula One Racers).   I also enjoy celebrating selling your company with an industry high valuation with happy buyers, happy sellers, and European champaign ending.

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2 responses to “REPOST: Formula one or steam roller days for M&A?

  1. Howard Morrison III

    Europe in this select case is the answer only. Not for healthcare, not for government reform, not for a lot of things…… However, as the dollar is week, companies based outside the US will find deals here.

  2. Peter Hooke

    I think the ForEx guys know that the dollar can weak some of the time and not so weak the other. It is all timing.

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