REPOST: 2010 Hot Year to sell your company?

The energy, finance, technology and healthcare industries are expected to be the hottest areas in a dealmaking market.

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JD SAYS: Take two or more kicks at the can. If you have strong EBITDA, look at taking some equity off the table. Cash in the bank is real and paper is just paper until you sell some of your company.  I have more than 5 million shares in companies with value of less than $200 USD  as January 1st, 2010 with street value of zero USD!

Sell Your Company because cash is better than paper

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3 responses to “REPOST: 2010 Hot Year to sell your company?

  1. ForEx King

    I sure could have had 100 diners on the paper stock I have from the the internet bubble. However, people did eat paper in world war II. If the economy has hyper infation pure paper might have some value. The are reaming me at HomeDepot at $6-12 for paper for my printer.

  2. John

    I also have lot of paper stock with no value. Did you know that people during World War II ate paper in Europe. If your stock has as zero value, you might want get it in paper.

  3. David Block

    I have lot stock that went from NYSE or NASDAQ to pink . I think they need give every CEO the XXX sheet when they drive their company to pink sheet.

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