REPOST: Your companies focus in 2010? Red Hook Capital Poll

Will 2010 be your best year ever for your company?  Take a poll and leave a comment about 2010 vs. 2009!

JD MORRIS VIEW: Will Rogers qoutes “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there” is very true in 2009. Our LBO group did zero deals because of the debt market and high valuations vs. finding new limted partners that would take more risk.  The investment bank I provide referrals that did not meet our goal had their best year ever because they took action.  The developed a new stong marketing program for 2009 even after being named Investment Bank of the Year during the prestigious 2008 Annual Middle Market Financing Awards sponsored by The M&A Advisor.

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3 responses to “REPOST: Your companies focus in 2010? Red Hook Capital Poll

  1. John Marks

    Most my friends companies are having a hard year. You should add to the poll “Budget Issues” as most friends companies have no extra money to increase marketing or money for product development. They are also decreasing their sale commission.

  2. Peter Hooke

    My local building supply company went from $180 million to $30 million and the local lumber yard went form $150 million to $120 million. A lot of the issues are from banks decreasing lines of credit so that they have to do smaller deals.

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