REPOST: Who are the top CEOs of 2009?

PAST CEO POLL RESULTS:  Steve Jobs of Apple picked for “CEO of the Decade.”  The votes where 43%  for Steve Jobs of Apple with 48 votes,  28%  for Warren Buffet with 30 votes, and 29% for all other CEOs.

FEATURED CEO POLL:  Who was a great CEO, who was a lucky CEO, and what CEOs where lucky and great during the last 10 years and for 2009. Why did Huffington Post leave Warren Buffett of the list of CEO of Decade or are they saving his name for CEO of the century?  Take our poll, leave a comment, and/or read more on the below links.


“But at decade’s end, we didn’t want to forget about the companies and leaders that excelled during the boom and largely weathered the downturn.”    Read more on Huffington Post here:

“In fact, our list overlaps very little with lists of the most-admired or highest-paid CEOs.” Read More on HBR here:

“Top 50 CEOs” by HBR.  Read more on HBR here:

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Warren Buffett

JD MORRIS VIEW: Poor Warren Buffett was not even in several polls.  However, you can laugh at anything and everyone when you are #2 richest man in the world. See Forbes:

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20 responses to “REPOST: Who are the top CEOs of 2009?

  1. Henry Morgan

    Warren Buffett for last 100 years and Steve Jobs for the last 10 year. This decade Steve Jobs changed the music world with iPod and the killer apps iTune. The phone industry with iPhone. He came back from deaths bed. Here is what was said about him: “With Jobs at the helm, Apple revamped its computer line and expanded into the digital music sector. To date, over 200 million iPods and eight billion iTunes songs have been sold. Jobs scored another huge win with the uber-popular iPhone. The company’s five-year stock return was 546.46%. “

  2. Howard Morrison III

    Great Poll! Look forward to poll on CEO of century ( Bill Gates vs. Warren Buffett vs. ?).

    • ForEx King

      Do not forget the all the dead guys that made this country great after world war two. Ford to start the list with the model T car! Al Gore for creating the internet and possibly ever new technology >;-)

  3. John Marks

    Google and Facebook are the companies of the decade for me. Yes Apple iPhone and iTunes are great and Warren Buffet is a great CEO. I think lot CEOs got luck. It is the small person that created iTunes and the founders of Google that made the companies great!

  4. Debi Gliori

    Steve@Apple as iTunes and iPhone rock. Plus major increase in stock price. @BearishDebi

  5. @BarbieForEx

    Steve Case! Why? iTunes Rocks! iPhone Rocks! Apple stock rocks last 10 years! Steve even dodge bullet.

  6. ForEx King

    Buffett is CEO of decade and in the top ten for the century!

  7. @DayTaderHM2

    Long term Steve@Apple made me happy in the stock market, but Buffett always the CEO to watch.

  8. Howard Morrison Jr

    Steve is a great CEO, but I want Buffet on my board of directors if I was a fund.

  9. John

    Steve is the CEO of the year and decade.

  10. Danny

    Steve @Apple is the best CEO of the year and decade.

    Thanks to the referral to another private equity firm that would be more interested in our company. Your 30 minutes of advise was greatly appreciated. Should we want to acquire several companies, we plan to have you as our main investor.

  11. David Block

    Warren Buffett for decade and century.

  12. Peter Hooke

    It is Buffett for me.

  13. Jack Wilkey

    It is CEO of Apple as iTunes to iPhone is game changer for this decade. Blackberry and others are still trying to match the iPhone with Blackberry Storm and others. The issue with Google CEO was did he lead company into new technology or was he just luck to CEO of the company.

  14. William Smith

    Warren Buffett for century and decade. Very creative person with focus on bottom line.

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  16. Brian Sharp

    Warren Buffett as public CEO and sorry to say it is hard find information on private companies that rock.

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