REPOST: Top Stories for the Month of Feb. 2010

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The top stories are as follows:

“M&A in 2010: More Bumpy Than a Boom” @  submitted by JD Morris

With the economy on the mend, mergers and acquisitions are expected to rebound, but deals will take longer to complete, M&A specialists predict. Read more on at:

Revlon’s Lesson for Shareholders: Moguls Win @ submitted by JD Morris

Next time you get the urge to invest in a company with a controlling shareholder, remember: Moguls usually get what they want. It is just what they do.

Ronald Perelman, America’s 18th-richest person, decided last year that he wanted to jettison the public shareholders of Revlon Inc., the cosmetics company he won in a 1985 takeover battle.

Read More on the WSJ:

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