INVESTOR NETWORK: Is your angel accredited?

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Welcome to Angel Capital Summit 2010. Rebuilding the Economy, One Success at a Time!

The Angel Capital Summit is a volunteer-driven ‘design/build’ event that helps entrepreneurs get their businesses to the next level. Started in 2007, run on the Business Catapult platform, it is now the largest entrepreneur investor fair in the US. Learn More:

Link to more on angel investors:

Angel Investors vs Accredited Investors

IMPORTANT: Try to find accredited investors at this and any event! A accredited investor is a registered investor that knows risk. When somebody says that the are an angel, I often remind them that angels are not of this world! Sometime your angel investor will turn into an “weeping angel” from Dr. Who ( ). You can find lots of accredited investors at events and lots of registered advisers that represent accredited investors! ALWAYS ask “Are you an accredited investor” as they are not angels, but they know risk and the know about getting good returns! Accredited Investor link:

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One response to “INVESTOR NETWORK: Is your angel accredited?

  1. 1235southpacificstreet

    Great posting and true about accredited vs. angel

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