Even Kids know bubbles pop! News with a Cartoon!

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Even kids know that bubbles pop! However, that is why they chew gum! Look us work with you to ride the current bubbles (products, industry, capital) and exit before they pop!

11/2010 LOT BUBBLES POPPING IN 2011? Wall Street Journal: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/a-megabubble-pop-2011-here

11/2010 GOLD BUBBLE POPPING? Fierce Financial: http://www.fiercefinance.com/story/gold-bubble-about-pop-take-down-efts/2010-11-30

11/2010 BOND MARKET IS GOING TO POP? Motley Fool: http://www.fool.com/investing/mutual-funds/2010/11/30/did-the-bond-bubble-just-pop.aspx

Send us your top bubble stories and we will post them to blog@redhookcapital.com

Cartoon by JD Morris Called “Bubbles do pop!”

Every Kid Knows


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