“We have no cause, we have no purpose!” A must attend event!

“Look,” he said to an inquiring female guest. “We have no cause, we have no purpose. We just get together on a grim winter evening and have fun. We’re not feeding the poor, we’re feeding the rich.” – Member of Alfalfa Club 2011 The Alfalfa Club’s annual dinner is a dazzling collection of the very rich and very famous who get together late in January to mix and mingle over jokes and drinks and bask in each others’ glory. Last night was no exception. The high-wattage assemblage-250 members, 400 guests (many winging in on their private jets, with Barbara Walters hooking a ride with Donald Marron, head of Lightyear Capital, and David Rockefeller flying in with his longtime assistant)-dined on the usual fare: lobster in puff pastry (the lobster keeps shrinking each year), and surf and turf accompanied by red and white Mondavi Family wine. (MSNNBC) http://bltwy.msnbc.msn.com/politics/alfalfa-club-dinner-2011-highlights-1672816.story

Cutting Short Davos for a Black-Tie Bash in D.C.: As DealBook headed to the World Economic Forum in Davos last week, we considered this notion of a new global elite.
Was it true that a rarefied group of influentials traveled around the world in a caravan of private planes, attending exclusive conferences, swanky dinners and posh parties? (NYTimes) http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2011/01/31/cutting-short-davos-for-a-d-c-bash/

Alfalfa Dinner just for fun


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