Can CA go green? Show me the money!

Can Green play on the same field as oil, coal, and nuclear? Green needs same backing as oil, coal, and nuclear (think Manhattan Project support) to play with others.

NEWS (July 26, 2011 | Molly Peterson | KPCC): Governor Jerry Brown has convened a couple of hundred solar developers, economists, politicians and policymakers at UCLA to sort out a strategy toward placing more solar panels on California rooftops.

As he campaigned for governor last year, Brown announced a goal to put 20,000 megawatts of solar power – enough to power millions of homes – on the grid within nine years. About 60 percent of that, he said, should come from what utility pros call distributed generation – very local renewable energy – most commonly, solar panels. These could be placed on houses or parking lots.


JD’s VIEW: Oil, Coal, and Nuclear has had government poor billion into its development. Tax breaks are one thing, but we do not think all the others areas of government support. For example, governments are responsible in most cases for billions of dollars of funding to building the ports, ship yards, and other expenses around oil tankers. Show us the money for solar or wind to have fair playing field. For green companies to have same value and success of other companies, the government must better support the industry (libertarian/fair markets = fail).


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