HUMOR: Good MBO story, but we need more cat photos with the news!

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Quest Software’s directors have come up with a canny plan to squeeze more money out of a buyout offer backed by Chief Executive Vincent Smith. They were put on the defensive in March when Smith, who owns a third of the enterprise software company, teamed up with private equity shop Insight Venture Partners for a lowball bid. But independent board members managed to level the playing field by offering Dell an option to acquire a 19.9 percent stake in the firm if Smith didn’t support its superior bid. That bagged shareholders a 12 percent bump in the purchase price. Read More:

GOOD: More reporting on MBOs

BAD:  Is Reuters photo with the news funny?

UGLY: Photo of cat with the news! How about monkey squeezing baby cat (Tiger)?

BOTTOMELINE: Look forward to more MBO news and finding funny photos to go with the news!

Cartoon Fail

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