What goes up, sometime blows up! “Faceplant” for UBS!

GOOD: Stock goes up!

BAD: Stock goes down!

UGLY: UBS $356 million, loss connected to the botched Facebook initial public offering. Net profit down 58 percent and stock down!

BOTTOMLINE:  Sometime you land on your face, but it better than something blowing up ( i.e. bankruptcy ).  Stocks like Facebook will continue to go up and down!

UBS reported on Tuesday a 58 percent decline in its net profit in the second quarter as a fall in investment banking income weighed on the Swiss bank. Read more at NY Times at: http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2012/07/31/ubs-profit-hit-after-loss-on-facebook-ipo/

FTSE modestly lower in midday trade today as BP tumbles! Read more: http://www.stockmarketwire.com/article/4418441/FTSE-modestly-lower-in-midday-trade-today-as-BP-tumbles.html

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Where Does Facebook Go After the Faceplant? Read more:  http://www.investorplace.com/ipo-playbook/where-does-facebook-go-after-the-faceplant/


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