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Get Free Copy of Best Cartoons of Investor Network!

It is my Birthday, so I giving away beta copy of the “Best Cartoons of Investor Network” today on Amazon at:




Happy Networking and Investing,

JD Morris


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REPOST: Scenes, Some Lawmakers Lobby to Change the Volcker Rule

As regulators put the finishing touches on new rules for Wall Street, they remain entangled in a partisan fight over the overhaul.

In public letters and closed-door meetings, more than 100 lawmakers have lobbied the Federal Reserve and other authorities over the Volcker Rule, records show. The rule, intended to restrict banks from placing risky trades and investing with hedge funds, has drawn an outcry from Republicans who want to mute its effect and some Democrats who want to strengthen it.

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REPOST: European, Topical: Purchase price multiples creep up, while M&A outlook sags with vendors willing to wait for higher returns

Under the current economic conditions, it is hard to see much growth in the next few years, which will make sponsors wary of paying up too aggressively, sources say.

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