Investor Network Conference confirms Self Direct IRA

We are happy to confirm Self Direct IRA company, as a speaker at our conference Jan. 9th in Del Mar at 6 p.m.

We will have startup deals, note deals, commercial real estate deals, and more…..


We are experts in self directed IRA and 401k setup, investing and account administration. Our staff is trained and experienced in all aspects of self directed investing strategies, structures, and rules. We offer our expert products and services in a very low cost, simple and efficient manner. Our offerings and services are unmatched in the industry.

What We Do

We provide self directed ira, 401k administration products and services to individuals looking to invest their retirement accounts in non-traditional investments. We pride ourselves in expertise, low costs and quick service for self directed IRAs including Check Book Control Trust.

Primary Products and Services

  • Self Directed IRA administration
  • Self Directed 401k Plan setup
  • Check Book Control IRA-LLC (ICO)
  • Check Book Control Trust (iTrust)
  • 401k Small Business Financing

Who We Are

We are administrators for self directed IRAs and 401ks. We provide plan documents and retirement account administration services for IRAs and 401Ks





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