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Investor Network

Somebody on the radio this morning said somebody will die in one of our deals! The host of Sage Money Radio did not put it that way, but he did provide an exceptional speaker for life settlements deals.  His listeners had another maturity on Wednesday…$855,000 becomes $2,235,858 in 30 months… 48  investors earn over 45% annual compounded ROI paid by AXA Equitable!!(Over $102,000,000 in payouts to over 3571 investors in the past 20 months!).  Investor Network Nights want that Sage Money Radio on 1150 WJBO am radio (http://www.wjbo.com/pages/schedule.html/ ) has provide one great speaker on life settlements.  Investor Network by JD has asked another former life settlement expert to be a speak on the panel.

Join us on Monday Jan. 21st via Webinar to hear more! Register via GoToWebinar at: http://alturl.com/hvx2b

To Learn more about Investor Network visit www.RedHookCapital.com

To learn more about life settlements watch this video at: www.phenomenalasset.com

Happy Networking,

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