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Jan. 9th Event confirms commercial deals

Please RSVP me at for our event on Jan. 9th in Del Mar, CA

We are pleased to confirm several commercial deals that will require notes.

Last week, I meet about a deal that will cost $12 million to buy today, but $60+ million to build today.

Yes, we welcome more deals, but we already have 5 great deals.

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Life Sciences Venture Capital Investing Posts Gains in Q3 2012 According to the Moneytree Report

Venture capital (VC) funding in the Life Sciences ( sector, which includes the Biotechnology and Medical Device industries, gained in Q3 in terms of dollars compared to the second quarter of 2012, but the sector still trended downward for the year, according to a new PwC US report, “Biotech bounce,” that includes data from the PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP/National Venture Capital Association MoneyTree(TM) Report, based on data from Thomson Reuters (

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Build it and they will come (true in real estate)

GOOD: Homes are selling and prices are increasing!

BAD: I can not find a home for my clients

UGLY: It takes more than year to build a McMansion

BOTTOM LINE:  Build it and they will come is still true to McMansion!


Who says Americans have fallen out of love with McMansions? It’s true that the housing bust shaved a few square feet off the average size of new homes in the U.S. But new single-family homes built last year were still 49 percent bigger than those built in 1973, according to Census Bureau data.  And it’s worth remembering that family sizes have shrunk over that period.

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JD Morris is addicted to doing deals and Real Estate is great answer! Now I am a Trulia VIP!

I am a true deal junkie!  I am happy to report that selling real estate helps me feel great (answer to my addiction to deals).  You can do 10,20,30 deals a year vs. only few M&A deals. Contact me about why doing real estate can help you with your deal addiction at anytime.

Yes you can make nice $10-80k a closing on a deal in short 45 days and feel great! You can hit many home runs every year. I only wish doing deals was as easy as investing in real estate.

Plus in many states such as California, you real estate license allows you to sell companies vs. other options (you know that fun association).

As of today my goal is to do 1-2 good M&A deals a year and 20+ real estate deals to help me with my deal addiction.

Trulia VIP Level1

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REPOST: Scenes, Some Lawmakers Lobby to Change the Volcker Rule

As regulators put the finishing touches on new rules for Wall Street, they remain entangled in a partisan fight over the overhaul.

In public letters and closed-door meetings, more than 100 lawmakers have lobbied the Federal Reserve and other authorities over the Volcker Rule, records show. The rule, intended to restrict banks from placing risky trades and investing with hedge funds, has drawn an outcry from Republicans who want to mute its effect and some Democrats who want to strengthen it.

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No more band-aid fixes regulators and policy makers! Take long look problem first please!

GOOD:  SEC hold off on voting to money markets;

BAD:  Ask for other policy makers to find way to regulate money markets UGLY: 2008 financial crisis = try to regulate everything even when not broken;

BOTTOMLINE:  Somebody needs to teach regulators and policy makers how to remove the layers of band-aids and take fresh start & look problem and problem.

“I consider the structural reform of money markets one of the pieces of unfinished business from the financial crisis,”SEC chairman Mary Schapiro said. She urged other policymakers to take up the effort. Read More: Happy

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Crowd Funding ( Nigerian Princesses or Fonzi Schemes?)

GOOD: Crowd Funding brings funding to many;

BAD:  33% kick start successfully funded deals have not produced results;

UGLY:  Will we have any Nigerian Princess on crow funding or just failing to deliver cool things they wanted to build (what I am calling “Fonzie Scheme”);

BOTTOMLINE:  Expect many “Fonzie Scheme” as lot cool things offered by “Crowd Funding.”  However, many entrepreneurs will not be able to deliver (or what I call throwing your money to cool idea with hope the entrepreneur can deliver = Fonzie Scheme).

Such optimism over this new way of raising money is giving crowd funding political power that will make it available on a much grander scale. Currently, crowd funding is very limited and is really just a twist on a traditional donation. Many crowd-funding efforts support art projects or humanitarian causes. Consumers may also help business projects by contributing money in exchange for T-shirts or by prepaying for products before they’re released. More than $290 million has been pledged for more than 26,000 funded projects on Kickstarter, the largest U.S.-based crowd-funding site.

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Forbes says “Good Riddance To Obama’s Regulatory Czar”

GOOD: College professor goes back to school!
BAD: He was frequently at odds with EPA (we need somebody like this!)
UGLY: Czar job was not to cut all red tape!
BOTTOMELINE: It is a dream to believe Regulator Czar could cut read tape in Washington!

In August 2011, Sunstein announced rule changes that supposedly would “save U.S. businesses billions of dollars in regulatory burdens.”  Read more:


Happy Networking & Investing,

JD Morris


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When EF Hutton Speaks? (or Wall Streets Fallen)

GOOD: Wall Street Firms come and go!
BAD: Wall Street failure = failure on Main Street
UGLY: Who is Knight Capital, EF Hutton, Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns and MF Global ?
BOTTOMLINE: Companies come and go! Just home your money is not in the one that goes!

And the Knight Capital debacle follows a long list of Wall Street failures. In the last few years, Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns and MF Global have destroyed themselves. Before that, Drexel Burnham Lambert filed for bankruptcy in 1990, Barings in 1995, Long-Term Capital Management in 1998, Refco in 2005 and Amaranth Advisors in 2006. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the savings and loan scandal resulted in a spate of bank liquidations. In the 1970s, there was the implosion of the Wall Street financial institution Goodbody & Company, and in the decade before, the failure of Ira Haupt & Company.

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Happy Networking and Investing,

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