About this blog

“Sell Your Company by JD Morris” is a blog still in beta for investors to business owners. Topic are as follows:

1) Investor Network (Strategies for Investors and Accredited Investors)

2) Sell Your Company (Strategies from concept to exit strategy)

3) Random Musing (Just cool information)

Hope you enjoy this beta blog as we explore what is useful to our friends.


JD Morris


JD Morris ( http://www.linkedin.com/in/jdmorris )
Red Hook Capital ( http://www.RedHookCapital.com )
Facebook Sell Your Company ( http://www.facebook.com/SellYourCompany )
Facebook Investor Network ( http://www.facebook.com/InvestorNetwork )
LinkedIn Investor Network ( http://www.linkedin.com/groupRegistration?gid=53760 )
LinkedIn Sell Your Company ( http://www.linkedin.com/groupRegistration?gid=2593533 )


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